Next Generation Maritime Trend Report 2018

– analysing 160 startups, we have identified the first hint of new frontiers of digital innovation in the maritime sector

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Performance management

Performance management is about cost savings and improving the performance of the vessel. We look at startups that help extend life of the vessel.

Capacity optimization

Capacity optimization is the crystal ball that allows the industry to adjust supply according to demand. We look at startups that can predict cargo supply/demand.

Value beyond the vessel

The data pool that is generated by moving cargo from A to B is an indicator for the global economy. We look at how startups use ths data and how they connect different players digitally.

Reinventing the operating model

Unlocking value by delivering a distinct customer experience where journey and processes have been simplified and streamlined. We look at how startups are unlocking the potential for new businesses.


“Majority of startups in maritime are enablers, rather than disrupters of traditional shipping players’ business models. This means that the doors for collaborations are open and this can benefit both sides. It will allow corporations to enter new markets, and startups to develop their products and scale. It’s a win-win.”


The authors of this report are Danish Ship Finance & Rainmaking. We share an interest in the future of maritime and what new technologies & business innovations will bring.

is a corporate innovation and incubation firm. We design and execute innovation programs with industry corporations, and build and invest in tech startups. We have founded 30+ companies based on our own ideas and have invested in 680 startups. One of our key verticals is in maritime, logistics and trasport and we continously work with leading corporates and talented startups in these industries. Read more.

Danish Ship Finance
is a specialised ship finance institution. Our only product is the ship mortgage loan and it is our aim to be the most recognised and stable provider of ship finance to reputable ship owners. We are based in the heart of Copenhagen where our experienced team of professionals work with customers around the world. Read more.



Startups are teams trying to identify repeatable and scalable business models to solve problems in maritime value chains. They offer new technology, talent, and business innovation that is not available to traditional companies. Because of this, they can be a great source of partnership for the corporates, but also provide learnings of what models work in a specific industry or segment.